ekstå“sèe (kandeeglowgrl) wrote in onemorenyte,

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heeelp. this is driving me crazy.

any help would be appreciated. any sites that mite help me. anything!@ its from a "dj tarp" cd. which i think isn't right.. its the first track on the cd. and i dont have the cd anymore so i dont remember which cd exactly.. which is why im trying to find it now..

here's how it goes.. its hard to describe alot of trance er techno songs. words ; (some i can't remember but from these you should know what im talking about)

remembering me, discover & see. around the world - she's known as the giiirl. ? cuz history will last....

*breaks down* gotta say girl, where ever you are.. do you beleive it - can you recieve it..
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