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WHISTLE [13 May 2006|02:22pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Whistle roll call!
Who is making the trek to Philly in a couple weeks?


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edit: http://www.local13.com/

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[30 Apr 2004|03:35pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anybody know of any bit torrrent sites that I could find some Dj Mystik stuff on? I have 110 of his tracks but I want to get them all and stuff on Kazaa almost never connects.

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good vibes [16 Apr 2004|04:25pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

hey everyone, can you just send out happy vibes and luck for my friend  battie ? she's having some problems and such and she could use the cheerfulness/luck/good vibes.
or just play some techno and hope she feels it.


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rave withdrawl [04 Feb 2004|01:57pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm going through raver withdrawl. I'm turning goth again. Must...Find...Party... but www.raversonly.com has been down for ages and that was the best way for me to find out about parties not at the Asylum in MA (too far now *pouts*).

Somebodie save me, tell me about a party in the Philly (or Jersey/Baltimore/NYC) area pweese! email's brennagrrl@hellokitty.com

save me before I duct tape my hand to my forehead in angst!


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heeelp. this is driving me crazy. [10 Dec 2003|11:05am]

[ mood | cold ]

any help would be appreciated. any sites that mite help me. anything!@ its from a "dj tarp" cd. which i think isn't right.. its the first track on the cd. and i dont have the cd anymore so i dont remember which cd exactly.. which is why im trying to find it now..

here's how it goes.. its hard to describe alot of trance er techno songs. words ; (some i can't remember but from these you should know what im talking about)

remembering me, discover & see. around the world - she's known as the giiirl. ? cuz history will last....

*breaks down* gotta say girl, where ever you are.. do you beleive it - can you recieve it..
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PLEASE READ [10 Nov 2003|07:36pm]

hey when you get a chance leave an opinion on this article


and please remember to spell check and make it in a serious tone.

my response

You have got to be kidding me, Where did this person do they're research? Did they just spout out they're own worst fears and attach it to a drug?
This is utter nonsense, how and why your news paper would allow it to be printed is beyond me. I do hope in the future you assign fact checkers to your articles.
And please do your reads the favor of not printing such lies and misinformation. The last thing we need in this country is more arrogance and ignorance.
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SD party [08 Nov 2003|04:07pm]

i'm still working on it but so far this is what we have

DJ SolidH20- Trance
DJ Hammer- Hardcore
DJ Live Crime- Dance
DJ Munky

Maybe Djs
DJ Recharge
Dj Dim Sum
DJ Adam

if you're in So Cal hit me up
thatraverboy on AIM
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[04 Nov 2003|06:32pm]


Attention all Hellraisers & Hellravers!
Come with us on a journey into the dark and unknown to see "death to a
fairy" IRAR IV Nov-07-03

So don't throw away those costumes yet theres still fun to be had, and
people to scare.
Costumes Encouraged - Less cover with a costume - Prize for best

from Jungle Bastard Music
Tampa’s #1 Underground DJ
Nationally Know and Recognized
Fresh from “Rewind” & “Paradox”

Breaks, newskool & progressive

Tech house & detriot techno

UK Hard House
Groove Juggernaut Productions/ LSD

& Our Guest ....DJ Hallucan8,
Mixing up all types of shit,

Light reincorcement by Electrolight
Adddress: 11301 N. Hwy 301 in Tampa. (the old Crossovers)
Directions: 4 miles north of I-4 on 301 on the Right
Free Parking
Full Bar.

For more info: 813 789 0458

sponcered by
www.jungleBasterd.com (under construction)

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Raver Pants [07 Oct 2003|02:23pm]

so me and my friend are starting to sell them
we have kik wear and UFOs so hit me up with your sizes and i can send you some pics of diifernt styles most of them are like 20 - 30 bucks
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heyyy [26 Mar 2003|10:05am]

trying acid for the first time this weekend - i want insights, opinions, things i should know.. blah blah blah

i kno the basics and have been around it alot.. just would like more =)
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